Neu Nomads

Coworkers turned good friends, after years of working together at a NYC luxury fashion company, founders Karen and Angela found themselves on a Skype call with New Delhi. This wound up turning into a long conversation that involved reimagining what it means to be a fashion brand in a time of global awareness and environmental consciousness. After decades in the industry, they felt it was time to make some changes.

Neu Nomads is about beautiful wardrobe staples at attainable price points sourced from a clean supply chain. With this vision in mind, we took the best of what they've learned during our 30+ years in the industry and applied it to a forward-thinking business model that aligned with our ideal of creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

The pieces are easy, breezy, and versatile. Together they created a collection for women like them: global citizens, modern minimalists, and conscious consumers.