Neu Nomads

Neu Nomads is a brand we discovered just before UNRACKED opened earlier this year and we couldn't be more obsessed with their truly amazing collection and the rad NYC-based women behind it all. From loose-fitted, essential button-downs to easy slip dresses that steal the hearts of literally every person who tries them on this ethics-first brand demonstrates a dedication to doing things right, from start to finish. And you can throw these pieces in the washer + dryer and they come out flawless and ready to wear. They can do no wrong, in our book!  

Their commitment to sustainability and traceability comes from mindfulness and dedication to their values...extending from the fabrics to the factories; to packaging and ultimately to the products. Their signature plant-based fabrics are sourced from sustainable and renewable natural resources and are naturally lightweight, breathable, and, again, MACHINE WASH AND DRYABLE.

Their offering has something for anyone and these timeless designs and slinky, soft fabrics make them one brand we seriously suggest you try out! You'll be getting compliments and bragging to your friends in no time.